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Private Parties


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Intimate Gatherings

With a background in fine dining and private catering services, We take your vision for an intimate gathering, and design a full blown statement    experience for you and your guests. We coordinate with vendors, come up with a feel, and take care of the details. You host while I anticipate your needs, and flawlessly execute your evening.

Themed Experiences

I love to honor play and fantasy. Creating containers that encourage self expression and expansive connection. Let's design a treasure hunt, put on a burlesque show, dream up a full on sensory experience and bring it to life. Excited to think and create outside of the box!

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Corporate Travel

You see the value in collaborating and connecting with your team on a deeper level. It's crucial to build one another up in healthy ways and create memories with your colleagues. I will act as your personal assistant in creating and executing an unforgettable getaway with your company. 

Destination Wedding

Where romance meets travel.

You're ready to elope, or you dream of sharing a transformative adventure in a unique location with the people closest to your heart.  How would you like to put a stamp on this milestone? With my acute list of recommended vendors, I'll steer you in the proper direction.

Manifesting your perfect day, seamlessly. 

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Planning & Design 

I am a colorful dreamer, with a sharp eye for detail and resourceful conditioning. If you are looking for guidance since the day you said yes, or month of coordination of vendors and details- this journey is yours, and I'm here to guide you through it. Design is my passion. We'll work with what we have, and create a true ambiance- highlighting what is most important to YOU.

Just a Rancher in a Top Hat #MomentsBefo
Event Execution

Boy do I love to make sh*t happen! Staying calm in the midst of chaos is a skill I've embodied since I was a small child.  Let's make this special day light and fun for everyone involved- by having a plan, communicating it clearly with all the players, and executing it with grace and ease! 


Festivals & Retreats
Healing Retreats

Contributing to sacred containers in nature,      worldwide. I value holding space for, and capturing healing and transformation. With my experience as a photographer and event coordinator, I anticipate your needs as a retreat facilitator, and assist you with smooth transitions. Im your go-to gal, always one step ahead of the group, prepping spaces to inspire growth.  

Don’t You Carry Stones #YourABowlOfLight

Through festivals, we have the ability to create vibrations that inspire genuine pursuits of authentic growth.We get to collectively build   containers for expression, expansion and connection. "She's a connector, and a motivator with a passion for ambiance, comfort      and flow."

Seeking collaboration!

Personal Assistance 

Organization, and time management with  persistent communication to put you at ease. Allow me to take care of the details- coordination of travel, grocery and floral   delivery, restaurant and activity reservations. I can't wait to grace you with presence, and determine how I can bring your vacation to the next level. 

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