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Why, Wise Aspirations?

11.11- Flowing on a full moon

Where has my mind been?

Perhaps learning how to navigate google SEO, reading about how to manifest money through love, strengthening my yoga practice, and learning how to create my world with my word. Battling with the feeling of distance from my family, flowing with challenges and changes. Its been a beautiful journey, and I am absolutely looking forward to each day ahead!

Building the Wise Aspirations brand has had a variety of looks:

  • Saying yes to every opportunity to work an event

  • Building relationships with talented likeminded people

  • Being the girl that “you see everywhere”

  • Remembering you

  • Graduating with a degree in Tourism & Event Management

  • Forgetting and forgiving

  • Genuine pursuits of apprenticeship

  • Gratitude

  • Traveling, and capturing my journey

  • Slipping, falling and getting back up

  • Going against the grain, testing the waters

  • Getting out in the community, and volunteering

  • Hustling and grinding

  • Surrendering to what is

  • Breathing deeply

  • Getting curious about my true self, and adapting to growth and change

  • Taking personal ownership of my flaws

  • Creating, writing, flowing

  • Fighting the resistance and fear of manifesting my dream- and busting through it, daily

  • Choosing self love

  • Letting go of the attachment to what success “should” look like

  • Putting in the work

Wise Aspirations is much more than a clever name I came up with when I decided to launch my business. I am forever aspiring to acquire wisdom through expression, expansion, and connection. Its a way of life that I have embodied since before “leaving the nest.” Its who I’ve been, and what I live by. It’s who I am becoming, and how I want to be of service. It's everything you can imagine, and more. It's the seed that grows in to endless possibilities..

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